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Acne Treatments, Causes and Effects – Know the Facts

Nearly 80% of males and women between the ages of 12 and 24 are effected by an inflammatory skin problem called acne. Having said that a lot of people get acne way into their 50’s!

Acne symptoms and causes

Acne cases are a warning sign of overactive sebaceous glands, the excessive oil blocks the skins pores and bacteria becomes trapped inside of the skin.

There is not a single cause of acne however facts in which contribute to acne comprise of hormone imbalance, stress, the usage of a number of acne medications, over-consumption of junk foods, saturated fatty acids, hydrogenated fats and animal products, nutritional inadequacies; exposure to industrial contaminants (machine oils, coal tar derivatives, chlorinated hydrocarbons), the usage of poor quality skin products, and acne products many times over cleaning and repeatedly scrubbing up your skin can also result in acne.

Exactly why are teens vulnerable to getting acne?

Many changes occur in the human body in the last few years as a child. The body produces a hormone called androgen’s at high rates in both men and women during and after puberty. Besides androgen’s causing body development and modifications with mood additionally, it causes the sebaceous gland, which is in charge of producing sebum (an oil which is used throughout the body for skin repair, tear creation and lots of other processes), to overproduce the oil. The excess oil it produces comes up through the skin pores and onto the surface of the skin. That’s why teens usually tend to suffer with hormonal acne worst of all.

What causes adult acne?

Many adults suffer with acne mainly because of an overload of toxins in their body. This overload is mainly caused by terrible eating habits, poor skin care, over use of harsh cosmetic products and quite often the effects of stress on acne is surprising to people, by lowering your stress levels you skin has a better chance of revival.

Your skin is the largest sized organ of the body. One of its functions is to eliminate harmful waste build-up by means of perspiration. Many doctors and dermatologists call the skin the ‘third kidney’. If the body has more toxins than the kidneys and liver can control, the skin takes on the role.

P. Acne is the term given for acne producing bacteria. Whenever the oils blend together with dead skin cells that sits on the surface of the skin, it may start to block the skin’s pores and follicles. This kind of blockage is the perfect breeding ground for P. Acnes. As soon as the bacterium is found in the skin’s pores, the body’s immune system transmits white colored blood cells to the area, which often creates inflammation and results in cysts or pimples.

What are the psychological effects of acne?

Acne affects a lot more than only your skin. It can have an impact on your entire life in really stressful and serious ways. Stress is a major trigger for acne flare-ups and can actually make the problem even worse.

• Reduced self-confidence 
• Preoccupation with your skin and outward visual appearance 
• Alienation from sociable occasions and friends 
• Low self-esteem 
• Rebelliousness and covered up annoyance 
• Bad self image and very poor body alignment

Acne Treatment

Acne creams, lotions and pills are accessible in abundance everywhere you go. However you have to be very careful as several of these products contain very harsh chemicals that are harmful to your sensitive skin. You might have heard about or tested out Neutrogena, Clearasil, ProActiv Acne Solution and the Zeno Acne Treatment device. They may work temporarily at covering up the symptoms but they are no way near effective enough to remove acne forever. Acne sufferers find themselves wasting so much cash on all kinds of products because most of them will never work!

The safest and in all probability the best way to help remedy your acne is by using a 100% natural acne treatment. These may be homemade acne treatments or you will find 100s of quality products online or perhaps in natural health shops.

Try to remember, drastic measures like accutane or retinoids aren’t necessary in treating acne – in many instances the acne will disappear when you pass puberty.

Start a regular acne natural skin care routine, with light cleansing, and abide by it daily.

Acne Eating plans

You are able to control sebum secretion by introducing a nutrition packed acne diet. Nutrition in most cases plays an enormous part in acne control. Ensuring that you consume right foods and acquire all of the vitamins and nutrients the body needs will mean that your skin is going to be healthy, hydrated and better equipped to protect against the P. Acnes bacteria. People who also practice good dietary habits are likely to become less stressed, which can help control acne problems and many other health problems too. Eliminating sugary and dairy foods a very good idea but that on it’s own is not good enough.

I suffered with acne since I was a teenager way into my 30’s! After years of research and wasting lots of money on all sorts of over the counter products I came to realising the true healing powers of natural acne treatments [] and how to clear your acne using natural methods.

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