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Cures for Acne: How to Get Clear

When trying to identify cures for acne, it’s important to understand the causes of acne. Acne is rarely caused by just one factor, usually a combination of different factors result in acne, and the best way to cure acne is to seek a solution that works on multiple levels.
There are four main components to an acne pimple or cyst: 
Propionibacterium acnes (P. Acnes, acne bacteria). This is the acne-causing bacteria that proliferate in clogged pores or follicles and cause pimples. They are naturally present on your face, but in acne sufferers, they have become out of control. Some cures, such as antibiotics, target only the bacteria.
Sebum (Oil). Sebum is a type of oil naturally produced by your skin to retain moisture. Acne sufferers tend to have an imbalance in their sebum production, so that their pores or follicles become clogged. Some acne cures, such as facial cleansers, focus solely on managing the levels of sebum (oil).
Inflammation. When acne bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells clog a follicle, inflammation occurs. The infected area swells up, as the body attempts to isolate it and prevent the spread of infection. This what causes pimples to be painful, or to grow into cysts. Some topical acne treatments or special acne diets only help to reduce inflammation.
Dead Skin Cells. Whilst most of your visible skin is made up of dead skin cells, if excessive levels build up on your face, and they start sticking together, they can contribute to acne. Again, some acne treatments, such as exfoliating products, only target dead skin cells.
The best acne treatments are those that regulate levels of acne bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. The next thing to consider is that normal, healthy skin should not have acne. It’s been noted on multiple occasions by anthropologists studying them, that indigenous peoples (such as Eskimos) have no incidences of acne. The statistics for the Western world are vastly different, around 80% of people will experience acne in one form or another. Interesting, as soon as indigenous people became “Westernized” they began seeing increasing incidences of acne. What is it in the Western lifestyle that causes such imbalance in the body, that acne occurs on the skin? I look at this in more detail on my website.
For now, when comparing cures for acne, you should look for ones that will do the following simultaneously:
Reduce inflammation. Topical creams applied to the skin can accomplish this, but the best solutions will reduce inflammation from the inside. The best way to do this is through an anti-inflammatory diet, and dietary supplements that help reduce inflammation. I suffered from moderately severe acne, until I started an anti-inflammatory diet. I was amazed at how large, painful pimples immediately began to disappear when I changed the way I was eating.
Regulate sebum levels. I don’t recommend using cleansers or chemical topical creams for this. In a healthy body, the sebum levels regulate themselves naturally. I would recommend learning how to use your diet and dietary supplements to attain well-balanced levels of sebum.
Regulate acne bacteria. I had some success with antibiotics, but soon realised that over the long-term, these can throw your body even more out of balance than it was when you first began to suffer from acne. I recommend using products that help restore the skin’s natural acid mantle (which help repel intruding bacteria) and create an environment in your body and skin that is not conducive to excessive growth of acne bacteria.
Remove dead skin cells, and stop excessive skin cell growth. Excessive skin cell growth, resulting in too many skin cells being forced to the surface of your skin, can result in acne. The best solution should exfoliate without irritating or drying your skin, and stop excessive skin cell growth from the inside.
Josh is the creator of The Cures for Acne, a website dedicated to helping people get clear, permanently. As someone who suffered from acne for over 8 years, and tried innumerable strategies, cures, techniques and medicines for getting clear skin, I know how emotionally painful it can be to experience acne, and how difficult it can make life. I created The Cures for Acne website to provide high quality information to help acne sufferers. The information is the result of 8 years spent learning about the skin, the human body, why acne occurs, and how to cure it consistently.
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