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Acne Gel – Only One Prong

Once a teenager’s biggest nightmare, acne has now become just a dream. I say this because with the numerous anti-acne products on the market, an acne sufferer is now better equipped than ever before to deal with any acne problem. Although I used the phrase teenager’s nightmare, it should be made clear that some adults also find themselves having to confront an acne problem. Medical science has been able to develop several products to help fight the acne problem. There are several options open to the acne sufferer. In addition to products, there are also treatments involving the use of various tools, devices and methods, all aimed at same thing: to banish those pimples and blemishes from the face.

The latest product to be developed to tackle the acne problem is the acne cream or gel. As the name suggests, this latest product comes in the form of a gel and is used in the same way you would use acne lotion. The acne facial gel has been touted as a remedy that can stand alone. In other words, depending on the severity of one’s acne, it is very possible that the acne facial gel alone will bring the results that you want. In such a case there is no need to combine the acne facial gel with any other acne fighting remedy. The acne facial gel is that effective.

The highly effective nature of the acne facial gel is underpinned by the presence of a class of chemicals which are carried in the acne gel. These chemicals are known as retinoids and it should be noted that they are not exclusive to the acne gel. The fact is that retinoids can be found in other acne medications such as in acne pills. However, even though this is the case the acne gel is still more preferable because it is a topical substance. The gel is rubbed on to the face while a pill has to be swallowed. Now, when faced with a choice between taking a pill and just rubbing a gel on to the surface of the face, which option do you think would be more popular?

In severe acne cases, it is still doubtful whether the acne gel can provide a remedy on its own. This writer is of the view that a multi-prong approach is always best when tackling acne, whether it is severe or not. What may look like a mild case of acne today can so easily become a severe case tomorrow if the right conditions are not present to counter the possibility of the acne becoming more serious than it is already.

The adoption of a proper diet is in my view a constant in the fight against acne. I therefore wish to encourage acne sufferers to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially fruits that are orange and red in color. Fruits that are orange and red in color have been sighted as fruits which promote healthy skin. Literature suggests that green leafy vegetables are effective against acne due to their high vitamin E content. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and this means that it helps to guard against the formation of disease in the body. It is therefore very useful in the fight against acne, helping to build the body’s resistance to combat the occurrence of break outs.

So we know that keeping the facial skin clean is important. The importance of a topical application is desirable and in this case we have sighted the acne gel as the number one choice. We have even touched on diet as a factor in the fight against acne and indeed as a factor in preventing its outbreak. Acne is clearly best eliminated by a multi-prong approach.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about acne facial treatment and other related topics. Read more about acne facials at Shawn Manaher’s website.

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